Do you have a special someone in your life? Maybe it’s a fling, a new love, or a long standing relationship, either way you want to make your Valentine’s day special. What are some special things that you could do for that special someone? Today we will give you some fun suggestions! From traditional to something special there is something fun for everyone to do this year!

Find Out What They Like

This sounds a lot easier then it is. We know what our partners generally like but sometimes it is important to really delve deeper. If you want to make your Valentine’s day extra eventful then find out about some events your partner might want to do or a hobby they have been wanting to try. Remember that your significant other loves to be heard so make sure to ask some pointed questions to find out what they might want to do.

Time Spent

Our daily lives are generally very busy. Most of us don’t get a lot of time to spend with our significant others because of work, chores, and kids. It might be a really good option to surprise your significant other with a date night. Plan it all yourself, make sure that home chores are done and you have a babysitter for your children. It doesn’t have to be the typical movie and dinner type of date either. You could take a painting class together, or do something silly such as goat yoga. You could go for a nice hike, or a trip to the beach. As long as you are spending time with your significant other they will like it. You could take your significant other on any type of date and they will appreciate the effort put forth!

The Typical

So we know that there is almost a “standard Valentine’s Day date”. This date includes Roses, Candy, a trip to the movies, dinner at a nice restaurant, sometimes a nice candle light bath waiting at home. This is an oldie but still a goodie. There is for sure something to a nice night out like this. If the typical works for you, go for it. Don’t forget to make your reservations early!

Single Life

Valentine’s Day is a great day to be single. Why you may ask? Because your possibilities are endless. There is so much to do as a single person on Valentine’s day. You could throw a party for your single friends and have it catered by Odd Moe’s Pizza. You can have it delivered right up to your door. Appetizers, salad, pizza, dessert and beer all available for delivery.

Another thing you can do is look up if there are local events going on for Valentine’s Day. Many Bars host singles nights of Valentine’s. You can look up local speed dating events too, that can be very fun and you can meet several people at once. The plus side of that is that you know all the people are also looking for love! Remember that if you go out it is important to have a designated driver or hire a driving service.

If you have an elaborate date or a super chill stay-at-home kind of evening on Valentine’s Day this year we encourage you to enjoy it to the best of your abilities. If you happen to get hungry that night or you are planning on having some people over give us a call at Odd Moe’s Pizza. If you are hosting a large event we also do catering.

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