Labor Day

Labor Day

Labor Day Why do we celebrate Labor Day? People look forward to Labor Day each year because it is a long weekend. However, there is a lot more to Labor day then a 3 day weekend with fun parties and barbecues. It is a day to represent and show respect to the American...
Why Do We Celebrate Memorial Day?

Why Do We Celebrate Memorial Day?

Why Do We Celebrate Memorial Day Memorial day is a great National holiday. It is usually full of friends, family and food. People love it because it is almost like the start to summer celebration! Most People attend barbeques or pool parties to celebrate. Its seems as...
Kid’s Parties!

Kid’s Parties!

Kid’s Parties! Sometimes as parents we have a hard time finding a really great place to have our children’s birthday party. Luckily, in this area we have a ton of great spots to party. If you are new to the area or have a young child and have not been having to...
Ways To Make Valentine’s Day Special

Ways To Make Valentine’s Day Special

Do you have a special someone in your life? Maybe it’s a fling, a new love, or a long standing relationship, either way you want to make your Valentine’s day special. What are some special things that you could do for that special someone? Today we will...
Super Bowl 2019

Super Bowl 2019

Want to have have the biggest and best Super Bowl Sunday in 2019? Of course you do! What really makes a great time? Specifically for Super Bowl. What are your plans for this up and coming Super Bowl Sunday? We will give you some great ideas on how to spend your Super...

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