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There are some pretty heated debates on what belongs on pizza and what doesn’t. We think here at Odd Moe’s Pizza that you should put whatever strikes your fancy onto a pizza pie. We’re sure you can think of one ingredient particular that has gained some major meme popularity when it comes to pizza debates. Today we are here to argue in defense of a few different ingredients!


If you like some nice spicy, juicy flavor then maybe it’s time to try jalapenos on your pizza. That spicy goodness sure makes the mouth water. We think that jalapeno goes great with garlic white sauce to, if you need to tame it down just a little bit. Something really great about jalapenos, that a lot of people don’t realize, is it not only tasty but has many health benefits as well. Hot peppers have something in them called capsaicin.

Capsaicin is now to help relieve inflammation in the body. Not only that but capsaicin has a myriad of other benefits include helping aid in weight loss, helps headaches, nasal congestion, and many inflammatory disorders such as arthritis. Peppers can also help kill bacteria, and are very nutritious and antioxidant rich. So not only are jalapenos delicious they literally nutritious. They get a big thumbs up from us as a great topping for pizza!


Another pizza topping that many people seem to be iffy about is chicken. We have no idea why, but it seems to be true. Clearly these people haven’t had a Bbq Chicken pizza or they just have no taste buds. Pizza is clearly an amazing additive to most foods. It definitely goes great on pizza in our opinion here at Odd Moe’s Pizza. If you want to try a great pizza that will definitely change a naysayers mind on chicken on pizza then you should give our pizza called the Bull Rider BBQ pizza. This pizza includes chicken, sausage, breakfast bacon, and Pineapple with our chipotle BBQ sauce. This pizza is sure to please and will keep you mouth watering every time you think about it. Speaking of pineapple that brings us to our next debatable ingredient.


This is the biggy, the much discussed, much debated ingredient. Pineapple absolutely belongs on pizza and we will prove it to you. Here are some really great examples of why pineapple belongs in pizza. Sweet and savory is an amazing combination and pineapple gives just the right amount of sweetness. Its healthy! Pineapple has several health benefits. It’s a serving of fruit. Plus, it’s nice and juicy, son if you aren’t a fan of sauce on pizza then the juicy pineapple has a great way of taking its place. Also, everyone loves Hawaii, it’s like a mini vacation every time you bite into a pineapple. It also makes you feel like a bit of a rebel to eat it on your pizza because so many people are so strongly against it. Who cares what people think! Put it on your pizza.

Pizza is all about eating what you love, so eat those anchovies if it floats your boat. We pass no judgment here at Odd Moe’s Pizza, if it’s on our ingredients list we will be happy to put together any Odd combinations you may dream up!

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