Want to have have the biggest and best Super Bowl Sunday in 2019? Of course you do! What really makes a great time? Specifically for Super Bowl. What are your plans for this up and coming Super Bowl Sunday? We will give you some great ideas on how to spend your Super Bowl Sunday.

Go Out

If you are a very social person and enjoy the experience of a large crowd celebrating the Super Bowl together then one great option is going out. You can look up local events in your area pertaining to the Super Bowl. You are bound to find some events at local bars or restaurants. Invite a few friends to go out with you. Enjoy the excitement of the crowd as points and touchdowns are being made. At the end you can celebrate the victory with a whole building full of people! Keep in mind that sometimes you will need to call ahead to make table reservations at a bar or restaurant that is viewing the super bowl if you want a table.

Going out and enjoying a larger group on Super Bowl Sunday is one great way to spend it! Remember though if you are going to drink it is always important to have a designated driver or hire a driving service to get you and your friends home safely.

Bar Hop

This kind of goes along with the last paragraph but is still its own entity. Maybe chilling at one place for the whole Super Bowl doesn’t sound like fun to you? Make a map of all the bars you want to go to while the super bowl is going! If you plan it all out you can make this a super epic Super Bowl Sunday. This is a fun and active activity that you and your friends can do to make your Super Bowl Sunday very exciting! And on your way home don’t forget to stop by Odd Moe’s to pick up some after party pizza.

Organize a Local Community Viewing

Maybe your thing is less crazy bar party and more community kid friendly. If this is the case then it would be a great thought to organize a community viewing. You can contact a local community center and arrange a family friendly event. You can have people pitch in to have it catered. Get some great pizza and you will be the neighborhood celebrity for months to come!

Throw a Party

When we think about Super Bowl Sunday we, of course, think about Football. But what else does Super Bowl Sunday bring to mind for you? Friends, family, goods food, and a good time are some of things that immediately come to mind. These are the ingredients for a perfect party at home. You can invites several of your close friends or family member, you can make it an adult event or family friendly. Get some great food from Odd Moe’s pizza, we can do large orders or catering. We have appetizers, wings, salads, and desserts! We ever will deliver beer straight to your door. This is the perfect food combination for any Super Bowl Sunday party! The only other things you need are a TV and cable!

With Super Bowl Sunday right around the corner it it’s time to start planning how you are going to Celebrate! Whatever you choose to do remember to involve good food (aka pizza of course), good friends and good fun! We are happy to help you plan at Odd Moe’s Pizza give us a call ahead of time so we can have your order ready to go when you need it!

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